Winon is selling electric plug and socket
Winon Electric plug and socket are classified into 3 series
Classic (colourful plastic series)
Metallic( metallic curve series)
Premium (Wood and Carbon series)
Room Automation System

Metallic Curve Design

Metallic Curve Design
Luminous Function
Material: Imported PC & Au
CCC certification / bs certification / ce certification / cb certification
Gold White/ Gold Black / Silver White / Silver Black


Modern Diamond Cut Design
Luminous function
Material: Imported PC
Ccc certification / bs certification / certification /cb certification
Copper Brown / Silver Grey / Black Black /White White

Premium Brand

Custom Make Design
Luminous Function
Material: Carbon fiber / Wood / glass / Imported PC
100% Hand Made – Wood art design
Ccc certification / bs certification / ce certification / cb certification

Commercial Sector

Our series allow building owners to create highly functional office environments – optimize energy use, while permitting users/customers to charge equipment convenience and occupancy
a key role in guest comfort and stakeholder returns, creating workable and inviting ambiances in front-of-house, public and functional spaces and building brand differentiation in hotels/hospital all over the world.