Project Description

Type G USB Wall Socket Single Gang Switched – 2A DC Output

Major Feature
Come with USB ports to fuel your USB device
Pack enough punch to use both power outlets while charging via USB
USB charging receptacle with integrated on/off safety switch for USB power
Spring-loaded safety shutters eliminates “vampire” energy draw
The G1POWER doesn’t suffer from vampire power draw as its USB ports are switched off when not in use
Compliant tamper-resistant
Ensure proper receptacle safety in Dwelling units, Guest suites, AND Child care facilities
Patented (China ZL 2007 1 0074848.9 & Hong Kong HK1137568) design charges electronic devices, such as iPads, iPhones without requiring a bulky adapter
First USB wall socket with BS5733 and BS1363 for use in HK & UK
Fit standard single electrical box
Come in different colors

Individual max. Output: 2.1A, when only 1 USB occupied
AC Input: 220~240V, 13A
Output port: British Type G 3 Pins
USB charger Input: 200~240V, ~200mA, 50/60 Hz
Output port: USB (Type A)
DC Output: 5V, 2100mA (MAX)